​What’s The Theory Behind Colon Cleanses?

Here at Complete Natural Products, we’re all about raw apple cider benefits. Many of the products we sell are in liquid form, because we’ve seen the results a body can get from apple cider vinegar, especially when it’s raw and unfiltered. We truly believe that it’s a great kidney supplement, helps with urinary tract infection relief, and works as a detox for the liver.

But not everything we sell is in liquid form, and there are some parts of the digestive tract that aren’t cleansed as well with a liquid but react better to natural supplements like our organic psyllium husk pills. Let’s take a look at what these can do for you.

What Is A Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is pretty much what it sounds like. A person tries to clean out their colon as much as possible, whether that’s by physical means (such as enemas and colonics) or by the use of fiber-rich foods and/or supplements. People often think of it as a “reset” to their system.

So, What’s the Theory?

The reason that people tend to partake in colon cleanses goes back thousands of years. The theory is called autointoxication, which translates into “self-poisoning.” People who adhere to this theory believe that the colon collects leftover foodstuffs (meat is often named as the worst culprit) that sit and fester in the intestines. As this food breaks down, it releases toxins. Since the intestines are the parts of your body that absorb vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, they are also the parts that absorb these toxins. (Toxins will head to the liver, which might require the use of a liver flush drink like our Liver Complete.) Practitioners of cleanses like to get that built-up intestinal byproduct out of their system before it putrefies and starts releasing those toxins.

Should I Always Be On A Cleanse?

While the ideas behind a cleanse are sound, it’s not something you should always be on. While you should be getting enough fiber in your diet to encourage colorectal health, the colon needs time to absorb the proper nutrients from the food you eat. Constantly clearing it out can disrupt your balance of gut bacteria, so you want to use any sort of cleanse in moderation. Be sure to talk to a doctor before embarking on any dramatic change to your eating habits or supplement intake.

Can’t I Just Choose Colonics?

Sure. Go to a stranger and have them put a water-filled wand into your backside. Have them charge you $100. That’s not weird.

Or, you know, choose all-natural and organic psyllium husk pills.

Yeah, Let’s Do That!

It really is a lot more comfortable, isn’t it? Our organic psyllium husk pills use the psyllium mucilage from the plantago ovata plant, a natural laxative and amazing source of dietary fiber.

Why Use Natural Psyllium Husk Pills For Cleanse?

First of all, you don’t have to drive to the colonic office and deal with any of that, ahem, business. Colonics can range from the uncomfortable to the downright painful. Second, remember that our psyllium husk supplements are organic, plant-derived, and all natural.

Finally, you should always be sure to eat a balanced diet that includes fiber, but like all foods you’ll be getting calories when you do so. Conversely, psyllium pills have very few calories and is one of the few laxatives that don’t promote flatulence; better to take one of these pills before a car trip rather than eat a can of beans!

When you want to gently and naturally get things moving through your digestive tract, the most natural way to do so is with our Organic Psyllium Husk supplements. Try them today!