​Why You Want To Keep Your Liver As Healthy As Possible

Ask someone to name the most important parts of the body and you’ll probably hear about the brain and the heart. And to be honest, we can’t argue, as those are certainly two hard-working organs that you can’t live without. But when it comes to digestion you simply can’t beat the liver, considering the variety of functions it performs. By some counts it plays as many as 600 different roles in the body, many of which we’ll discuss below.

With your liver being such an important part of your life, you really want to do everything you can to keep it healthy. Our offering for this is our Liver Complete cleanse and detox, a combination of apple cider vinegar and 35 other herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that all work together to help keep this amazing organ healthy.* Let’s take a look at some of the many functions that can be supported with our all-natural detox for the liver..

It Filters

Perhaps the most commonly-known aspect of the liver is that it works as a filter. It recycles blood that’s coming back from the digestive system. This means that it’s also helping to metabolize alcohol and drugs that were swallowed or make their way into the bloodstream. If either drugs are alcohol are abused, it’s the liver that takes the bulk of the damage because scar tissue can be formed, called cirrhosis.

Bye Bye Bad Blood Cells

Your body is constantly replacing its blood cells, which is a good thing. Once the old cells have served their usefulness or become damaged in some way, they are broken down in part by the liver. But it doesn’t expel every part of the blood cell, because…

It Recycles Iron

The liver is an amazing recycler. As it breaks down the hemoglobin in your blood cells, it could just eliminate the iron at the same time. But instead it actually recycles the iron in your blood! This iron is then used to create new blood cells. If you have a little too much iron, it will also store it until the next time you need it. Absolutely amazing!

It Stores Vitamins

Have you ever wondered why you don’t immediately get a disease such a rickets even if you haven’t been out in the sun to for a day or more? It’s because your body has stored up some Vitamin D for emergencies, and you can probably guess which organ is helping out. That’s right, the liver.

It’s not just Vitamin D that the liver is storing. It also helps to store vitamins A, E, K and some B vitamins, including the vital Vitamin B12. As long as you’ve had an excess of these vitamins recently (a good reason to take a multivitamin), you liver will store them and then release them into your bloodstream when it senses you are getting low.

It Creates Bile

Bile is a very important part of metabolizing fats. While the bile isn’t used in the liver itself, it is sent to the small intestine through the bile ducts and duodenum.

It Helps Clot Your Blood

The fact that your blood clots when you get a cut is one of the body’s primary defense mechanisms. Not only does it stop you from losing blood, but the healing means that you’re less likely to get infections. Thank the liver. It produces proteins that, with the help of Vitamin K, make your blood clot. Without the liver, a cut you got when you were a child would still be bleeding today.

It Helps Metabolize Fats

As you help your liver, you’re also helping your weight loss goals. Liver cells create energy, and they way they do this is to break down fat cells. Keep your liver healthy and you’ll also be supporting your interest in fat reduction.

It Metabolizes Proteins

The liver does a neat little trick when it comes to creating energy. When it breaks down amino acids, ammonia is created. You’ll probably recognize ammonia as being toxic, and something you don’t want floating around your bloodstream of moving through your urinary tract. But even though it caused the problem in the first place by creating the ammonia, the liver goes ahead and fixes the problem as well. It turns the ammonia into urea, which is non-toxic and expelled in urine. Problem fixed!

If the liver just did one or two of these amazing things, it would earn its place in the body (even though it’s already the second-heaviest organ). But this one amazing organ provides all of these amazing functions and many more, and having it deteriorate could cause untold health problems. Instead of letting it suffer, be sure to grab some of our all-natural liver flush drink and treat it to the bath it so richly deserves. Detox your liver naturally with Liver Complete from Complete Natural Products today!*

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