About Us

Founded on the simple idea that there are natural solutions for everyday health issues, is what Complete Natural Products is all about. For more than 10 years we have been doing just that. We use our products personally. I was a sufferer from kidney stones for 30 years. That’s where we started. Formulating a product that helped personally with my kidney stone issues. I have had gallstones, urinary tract issues, prostate issues and I use our products to combat the very health issues we all experience in our lives. Our families, our children, our friends and neighbors have the same health problems that you and I do. With that in mind, why make or sell something that does not work. With the mantra of “Solution Specific Supplements”, it is our intention to formulate products that in fact provide a real and verifiable solution to the real day to day health problems and issues that we all face. We feel that we have been doing that and we are grateful that we have made positive and life altering changes in the lives of people we have served.

As a side note. I have not been back to the hospital or emergency room for kidney stone issues since Complete Natural Products was started. Kidney Complete has been a life saver for me.

For that very reason, we use only the best of ingredients. Ingredients that have been tested to be natural, organic and Kosher certified. Ingredients that have been tested to be pure, chemical free, pesticide free, metal free, and safe for all of us to use every day of our lives. Ingredients that are pure and potent to resolve the root health issue. There are no disclaimers and interaction warnings that make up the lion’s share of the story on our product lines. The bottom line is that our products are safe and they help resolve health problems.

We adhere to the best manufacturing practices and not simply good manufacturing practices. It is not our intention to provide you a good product, but it is our desire to provide you the best products that can be made. That philosophy trickles down into the shipping materials we use. The recycling we accomplish and the natural philosophy that guides us in all aspects of our business.

With a simple idea of making a difference in people’s health and lives, we hope to include you as part of the Complete Natural Products family and provide you the best solutions to your day to day health issues.

Scot Poole