• Organic D-Mannose Powder, Pure Bulk Health Supplement
  • Organic D-Mannose Powder - Urinary Tract & Bladder Treatment
  • Pure and Natural Organic D-Mannose powder for UTI, 2000mg

    Organic D-Mannose Powder

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    This Organic D-Mannose powder supplement is what’s known as a glyconutrient, it’s pure, making it a health-promoting and reactive sugar. A key part of the D-Mannose is that it does not enable anything to attach to your urinary tract.

    Organic D-Mannose is the perfect Urinary Tract Flush & Treatment. D-Mannose powder is a great Bladder Cleanse and Urinary Tract Health Supplement - Non-GMO - Vegan Friendly - 2000mg / 2 Grams per Serving.

    MADE WITH ORGANIC & KOSHER INGREDIENTS: The whole Bulk D-Mannose Treatment is Certified OU Kosher.

    CLEARS UT ISSUES: Fights and supports UT issues Immediately. One All Natural organic ingredient to cleanse your Urinary Tract fast, provide you quick relief from discomfort.

    WHY USE A POWDER CONCENTRATE? When you add this powder with water or juice, liquids are more easily absorbed into the body.  With an average absorption rate of better than 90% vs. pills at 10-15%. As a powder added to liquid, d mannose is absorbed far better than any pill or capsule would be. And above all, it goes straight to the issue.

    EXPEL & FLUSH : D-Mannose is known to help support your body in expelling any urinary issues. If you add it with our Cranberry Capsules and Urinary Tract Complete, you will be expelling in no time.

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