What is your return policy?

If any of our products do not achieve the intended results as advertised or improvements to your health symptoms or issues are not being made to your satisfaction, Complete Natural Products will replace the products you have purchased and/or refund the entire purchase price of the product less any handling charges, discounts or shipping costs incurred.

Please be aware that all health issues and symptoms cannot be resolved immediately.  Many issues have taken time to develop and equally take some time to resolve themselves.

All refunds should be made no more than 30 days after the purchase date to be considered.

With order cancellation returns, there is a minimum handling fee that will be applied.

All return shipments to Complete Natural Products are covered at the customer’s expense.

Errors and/or omissions on orders committed by the customer will be handled with minimum handling and shipping costs. All customers are responsible to enter or confirm the correct billing and shipping address on their order. A confirmation is sent to the customer’s email address to verify all order information.  If there is something that is not correct, please notify us by phone, or email so that we can correct the error.

All liability for the order is passed to the customer once the order is given to the shipping carrier.  Complete Natural Products attempts to balance shipping cost with the shipping time frame.  The customer agrees to accept Complete Natural Product’s choice of shipping carrier unless the carrier is expressly designated on the order by way of the customer’s selection.

Errors on orders, or product issues caused by Complete Natural Products will be handled fully at our expense and replaced as reasonably quick as is possible.

Only the last order of any multiple purchases will be refunded.

To receive a refund on unused products, the items must be received by Complete Natural Products in a resaleable condition being unused and unopened.

The purchase and use of products for non-human consumption. (i.e. dogs, cats, other animals) cannot be guaranteed.

How do I begin a return?

A return is started by filling out the form below.

Once you fill out the form, we will send you an RMA number you can add to your shipment so we know what it is.

All order returns should be sent to:
Complete Natural Products
1265 West 1275 North
Suite 7
Centerville, Utah 84014

How do I make a claim for damaged, lost or stolen orders?

Did something go wrong along the way? Please click the link below so we can resolve any issues you might be having. Let’s get you happy and healthy!


Shipping Insurance Claim