Orange Soda to Help with Kidney Stones?

This clinical study, funded by our US of A and sponsored by the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System went all in to figure out if Orange Soda could help prevent kidney stones. Now, I have also heard of using coke and beer to get rid of kidney stones, but they make less sense than this study does. Now this is important, because about 10-12% of us in the general population, whatever that means, get kidney stones.

Follow me on the reasoning here. The thinking behind this is that Orange Soda is high in citrates. As many of you know who have had a number of kidney stones, most doctors will prescribe potassium citrate as a means to increase the dissolving properties of minerals in the kidneys which citrates will do. Now because orange soda is actually made from oranges, like other fruits which contain citrates, it would make total sense that this might really work. Now in comparison with other soda; i.e. Coke, Dr. Pepper, or whatever your favorite soda is, you got to figure that this is the one that would do it. Except maybe grape soda or Sprite or 7-Up which actually contain real lemon or lime which could mean more citrates.

Now they say that, the recurrence of kidney stones or nephrolithiasis ranges from 27-50 percent. I would say they are just guessing on that figure. But moving along. We do know that if you have had kidney stones in the past, the likelihood is that there is going to be another one down the road. As we mentioned before if you have calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis, or calcium stones in simpler terms, you doctor has his prescription pad ready to go for a prescription of potassium citrate, so you can pick it up at your local CVS pharmacy.

I like the idea of Orange Soda as an alternative, but as you can imagine there might be an easier way. Among the most commonly consumed citrus fruits, lemons contain the greatest concentration of citric acid (49g/Kg) or in other words, a half of cup of lemon juice can provide a daily amount of citrate comparable to that of a standard dose of the citrate medication.

You know, there is a reason why Kidney Complete is loaded with potassium citratelemon juice, and a boatload of other fruits high in citrates. I think there might be and probably is some method to our madness.

It is important to realize that genetics, diet, exercise, and environment always play a part in our health most certainly whether we are more susceptible to getting kidney stones. But for those of us who are the stone producers of the world, there is a natural product that goes beyond the single ingredient that your doctor will prescribe and just possibly better than a good old orange soda. You know, if I was going to buy the Orange Soda, I would want it for a more leisurely time and purpose.