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Brighter Shine Citric Acid Dishwasher Additive removes hard water film and spots on dishes and glassware, restoring a better than original shine. Brighter Shine easily adds to your Dishwasher Detergent Powder, Pacs, Gel, or Pods. It equally removes hard water buildup in the dishwasher, in the clothes washer, and will remove typical mineral and oil buildup and odors in sinks, showers, and home drain plumbing.

★★★★★    Justin P. – Verified Buyer 
“Moved into a new home with no water softener and our dishwasher was covered in hard water spots. I used this product and saw an immediate change with 2 uses. Now after 30 uses, my washer looks nearly new. Affordable, simple, natural, and helpful for the dishes too. I bought 2 more.”

Our all natural Complete Sugar Blocker is a tool that temporarily alters sweet taste perception – within seconds. Candies, chocolates, desserts, sweetened snacks, sodas, and even alcoholic beverages become surprisingly flavorless and undesirable, while leaving your breath minty fresh. This product is great for all men and women!