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Pumpkin powder contains vitamins like A, C, and E, as well as minerals like iron and potassium. Feeding plain pumpkin gives a great boost to your dog’s nutrition. It is great for digestion. Due to its high soluble fiber content, pumpkin is very good for your dogs, cats, or pets digestion.

With so many nutrients packed into one ingredient, pumpkin has a ton of different benefits for dogs cats, and pets alike. Pumpkin can help support your dog’s overall health or be a useful tool in treating acute digestive or skin issues.

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Organic Kelp is full of several key nutrients, is easy to digest, and works in many ways to support the health of your pet. Kelp is both rich in Protein, Iodine, Vitamins, Amino Acids, and is low in fat. In fact, kelp is made up of about 25% protein! Making sure your pet has enough protein is an important step to ensuring muscle and tissue development. Protein levels also play a key role in repairing damaged tissue. Organic Kelp for your dogs and cats also contain over 21 different amino acids.