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Urinalysis Reagent Strips comes with 14 Test parameters and 100 Strips allowing you to check your urine for Calcium (Kidneys, Heart, & Thyroid), Glucose (Sugar Levels), Protein (Kidney Health), pH (Acidity & Alkalinity), Leukocytes (UTI or Kidney Infection), Nitrites (Urinary Tract Infection), Ketones ( Ketogenic Diet, Keto, Ketone, Ketosis ), Bilirubin (Liver & Gallbladder Health), Blood in your Urine (Kidney Stones), Urobilinogen (Liver Health), Micro albumin (Kidney Damage), Creatinine (Kidney Health), Ascorbate (Vitamin C), & Specific Gravity (UTI & Kidney Health).

★★★★★    Charlene T. – Verified Buyer 
Peace of Mind – Recently ordered Rapid Test Urinalysis Strips. They are easy to use and your results come up in one minute. What could be easier!”

Clear Yeast, Candida, and UTI’s. Urinary Tract Complete & Kidney Complete fight Urinary Tract and Kidney Issues Immediately. Cleanse your Urinary Tract fast, provide you quick relief from burning, pain, and discomfort, and D-Mannose to prevent free radicals from adhering to the walls of your Urinary Tract.

Urinary Tract Complete Bundle Supports a healthy pH Level. Apple Cider Vinegar, D-Mannose, and all the herbs and minerals this bundle provides, helps support the Urinary Tract, Bladder, & Kidneys on a pH level, to help clear and prevent future UTI’s.

★★★★★    Tabatha R. – Verified Buyer 
“Feeling better taking this during a long UTI. I’m still not completely cleared after two rounds of antibiotics, one bottle of UTI treatment, and after one Urinary Tract Treatment I am finally feeling better and my results are getting better as I go. Hoping to be cleared up soon!”†