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  • 500mg
  • The Stonebreaker

Organic Phyllanthus Niruri, or Chanca Piedra, is one of the most sought after lab grade stone breaking ingredients in the world, this amazing organic and natural herb from the rain forests of the Amazon is called the “stone breaker” or “stone crusher” because of its legendary ability to support your body with kidney stones and gallstones.

All of Complete Natural Products Capsules are made with Veggie Capsules and Pure Ingredients. No fillers, no binders, no additives.

★★★★★    Simona B. – Verified Buyer 
“I read that Chanca Piedra would give me relief from my shoulder pain related to calcium deposits and have taken it one month. I can now raise my arm which I could not do before. The extreme pain that I had before is gradually disappearing and I feel confident that I will feel better soon.”†

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Our organic Chanca Piedra is just that. Pure, Organic, and Natural. There are absolutely no fillers added to our mixture of pure Phyllanthus Niruri. We personally take the Chanca Piedra Powder and capsule it and make sure you are getting the best Chanca Piedra Extract so you can break down sludge, debris, and stones.
This pure and steam distilled concentration is without the use of harmful alcohols or synthetic ingredients. We also use a natural veggie capsules to make sure you are getting the highest concentrate of Lab Grade, Organic and Pure Chanca Piedra or Phyllanthus Niruri.
Helps support your body and Phyllanthus Niruri is widely known for its ability to help regulate kidney and gallbladder health as well as maintain regular liver health.
Chanca Piedra is an Amazonian superherb whose name translates to “stone breaker” in Quechua and Spanish, due to its traditional use of breaking up calcium deposits in the body.
Organic Chanca Piedra Capsules help maintain optimal kidney, gallbladder, and liver health and has a powerful detoxifying and balancing effect for the urinary and digestive tract system.


Serving Size: 1-2 capsule(s)

Take 1 to 2 capsules with meals or water, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Keep out of the reach of children.

Avoid excessive heat. Store in a cool, dry place.

All of Complete Natural Products Capsules are made with Pure and Organic Ingredients. These capsules are made with only Organic Chanca Piedra. No fillers, no binders, no additives.



Pure Organic Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus Niruri) Powder.

Certified Organic By the Utah Department of Agriculture & Food

All of our capsules are made with Plantcaps® capsules, a vegetarian and plant based capsule made from pullulan – naturally fermented from tapioca.

Use our Pure and Organic Chanca Piedra Capsules to Support Gallstones , Kidney Stones, and Liver Health

Organic Chanca Piedra Capsules or Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules are used for various disorders of the urinary tract including infections, pain and swelling (inflammation), kidney stones, gallbladder stones, liver health and more. It is also used for digestive tract disorders including gas, loss of appetite, stomach ache, intestinal infections, and constipation.


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