Wholesale accounts are available for Retail Locations, Natural & Organic Grocery Stores , Health Supplement stores, Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, other health professionals and approved affiliates.

Please note that the authorization, to buy as a wholesale account grants you the ability to sell on your own website but does not authorize you as a wholesale account to sell on 3rd party websites such as Amazon, Ebay, and other 3rd party sites.

Product Overview

Please find our product overview. This product overview provides a brief description of our products, their uses, and the benefits they provide. This can be directly viewed or downloaded as a PDF file for your use or viewing.

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Requesting Samples

Samples are available on a limited basis to those who are qualified and fall under the above listed descriptions. If you are interested or have clients that are interested in sampling our products, we have 4 ounce bottles that will provide you a small sample to use and share with your customers. Please list a maximum of 3 samples you would like in the Notes area of the Wholesale Contact Form.

Wholesale Application

Within the few minutes that it takes to fill out the information below, you will be on your way to setting up your Wholesale Account and becoming a part of the Complete Natural Products team. Selling the best available Solution Specific Supplements® will provide you an increased customer base, increased profits, and above all, successful solutions to the daily health issues that most of us face.

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