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The whole Kidney Complete Cleanse Treatment is Certified USDA® Organic and OU® Kosher. Use for Function, Stones, Filtering, or Prevention.
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Helps Support Urinary Tract Infections Immediately. All Natural Remedy ingredients, clinically shown, to cleanse fast, and provide you quick defense.
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July 19th 2022

What to Eat for Gout and Uric Acid

by Benjamin, CCO of CNPUSA

Many foods naturally contain Purines, which get metabolized into Uric Acid. The most concentrated source of purines is animal products: red meat such as beef, lamb, and pork; organ meats such as liver and kidney; and oily fish such as...

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May 25th 2021

What does a Liver Detox accomplish?

by Benjamin, CCO of CNPUSA

An effective liver detox is beneficial for most of us on a quarterly basis.  If you figure that during one three month period of your life you are eating 270 meals, consuming more than 11520 ounces of water if you...

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July 30th 2019

Why you Need a Gallbladder Cleanse

by Benjamin, CCO of CNPUSA

Every 5000 miles or so we change the oil in our car. Why? Because the oil breaks down over time. Usually we are pretty good at taking care of our cars, but less so with our own bodies and our...

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